Should I Get a Dog? How To Know if You’re Ready

Many of us dream about the day we will become parents. The day we get to love something so much and provide the best for them in every way. We can’t get enough of our babies. But there’s another form of parenthood that many of us dream about — pet parenthood, that is!

We love babies, but today is all about being parents to a cute, sweet, and loving fur baby. Whether you fell in love by accident or actively searched until you found your puppy soul mate, we are so thankful dogs exist.

But what if it’s your first time looking for a furry friend? Are you sure you’re ready? If you’ve been feeling like it might be time to get a dog, keep on reading to know for sure. Get those dog mom outfits ready, just in case!

Ways To Tell if You’re Ready

We know there are a million questions you could ask yourself before deciding if you should get a new pup, but we promise we won’t ask all of them. Instead, we have created a list of the top questions to ask yourself if you think it’s time to add a dog to your pack.

Can My Space Handle a Dog?

There are many giant breeds of dogs that are ideal for apartment living, so the literal size of your dog compared to your space isn’t the biggest consideration when deciding whether you’re ready for a furry friend.

If you are someone that loves to display a lot of expensive and fragile items, you might need to make a few adjustments. Of course, your glass figurine collection doesn’t mean you can’t have a dog, but it might be better to consider certain breeds over others. You can also consider packing items away or putting things higher up on shelves before your pup comes home.

When you’re looking at the physical size of your space, think about how much room your pup will have to play. If you want an energetic breed, you’ll need to ensure they’ve got enough room to run around when they get the zoomies. If there isn’t space for that, you will need to be considerate with which doggie you choose.

What Happens When I Go Out of Town?

If you like to travel — even if it’s just quick overnight trips here and there — you’ll need to consider your furry friend. It’s awesome if you have a traveling spirit and love to go on backpacking adventures; just make sure that your plans can accommodate a dog.

(While you’re at it, don’t forget to grab a few items from our Road Trip Collection. These cute and fun designs are perfect for a few days exploring the world around you with your adventurous little pup.)

If you like to jet set all over the world, make sure that your fur baby has someone you trust that can watch them. Of course, you shouldn’t be leaving your dog with a pal too often. Our pups can get separation anxiety, so if you have to travel constantly for work or leisure, see if you can co-parent your pup with a roommate or significant other.

Do You Have Time for Their Schedule?

Sure, you can get your pup on your schedule. But do you have time for all the activities and daily steps they’ll need?

We’re talking feeding times, walks, monthly grooming, brushing their teeth, trips to the dog park, and more. Taking care of our pups is part of what makes pup parenthood so special, but it is a time commitment. Make sure you have the space in your life to help your pup live a full and healthy life.

Is Your Family Ready for a Dog?

As with many wonderful parts of life, timing is everything when adopting a pup. Well, not everything, but it’s pretty important.

If you’re ready for a dog but you’ve got small kids, it may not be the right time. Small children mean well, but they can be a handful. Not only could this start to overwhelm you, but they could overwhelm your sweet pup as well. Little kids aren’t always as gentle as they need to be with doggos, especially if you have a small dog breed in mind.

Have a real talk as a family to make sure that you’re all ready and excited for the responsibility of pet ownership. Talking everything over together can set expectations for them — and you — before you bring a dog home. If everyone is as excited as you are to introduce a new fur baby into the family, you can rest easy knowing you’re all ready to welcome a dog into your home.

Can I Afford the Expense?

It’s not going to cost millions, but just like raising a human, dog parenting costs money. You have to be ready mentally, physically, and financially for the expense of a new pup.

How much monthly will food cost? What are vaccines yearly going to run? Then there’s always the unexpected vet visits cause our dog had to eat that potpourri. No matter how careful we are, they’re always going to find a way to eat something they shouldn’t.

Think about the expenses and break them down before committing to a new pup. After all, your little angel will hopefully be a part of your family for a long, long time!

What a Pup Will Do For You

If you have considered all these items and you know it’s time for a pup, we are so excited for you! Now that you know you have room for a furry BFF in your life, here are all the ways you’re going to dog's make our lives so much better.

Sense of Security

Having a dog can give you a comforting sense of security. You’ll have your pup home with you every night, and you’ll never have to be alone. Not only will you feel more secure staying in for the night, but you’ll have a personal alarm on your home. If you don’t already know, the wind can’t blow without your dog alerting you.

Less Stress

Having a dog has a wondrous effect on your brain. Whenever your pup wags their tail or gives you slobbery kisses, your body releases serotonin. This means that your brain will literally stress less every moment your dog is near.

No amount of venting to your best friends could ever equal the happiness you get from your dog. Sorry, besties — you just can’t compete with all that furry cuteness!

A Healthier Lifestyle

We asked if you had time for daily walks or trips to the dog park, but did you know how much you’d get out of this, too? By taking your dog on daily walks, you’ll also be getting a more habitual exercise routine.

These walks might be for them, but you’ll also benefit so much from them. A healthy and active lifestyle is something we all could use (and definitely need). Pup parenthood is by far the cutest way to improve your fitness routine.

Adopt, Don’t Shop!

It’s important to find the right pup for you and your family, and there are so many four-legged friends out there. Adopting a dog from the shelter is a special way to meet your new furry BFF and do some good while you’re at it.

It’s PAWZ mission to help no-kill shelters in all their efforts. We know there are a lot of dogs out there waiting for their furrever homes, and we want to help them get there.

If adopting sounds like something you’re interested in exploring, check out our friends at Best Friends Animal Society for tips and information.

Start Thinking of Names

Once you’re able to answer “yes” to these important puppy questions, it’s time for the fun to begin.

Don’t ever forget the obligations that come with bringing a pet into your family, but enjoy all the good times more. We are confident that you have all the information you need to make the right choice. The only question we have left for you is: What are you going to name them?


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