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We can all agree on the common saying, “We don’t deserve dogs.” Dogs are our loyal friends who keep us company every day and who always make us smile and laugh. Dogs are one of the best ways to add happiness to our lives, and science agrees!

Research studies show that caring for a dog can help reduce stress, depression, and loneliness. Owning a dog also contributes to our level of activity and the amount of time that we spend outside, both improving our overall well-being.

Dogs can add value to our lives by being companion animals, guiding us through the unknown, and even boosting our health. Service dogs are protected by the ADA. Some types of service dogs assist blind individuals or alert those who have diabetes when their blood sugar is at dangerous levels, among other service-related duties. We also cannot forget our working dogs, who help protect us as they work alongside law enforcement and our service men and women.

It truly is amazing to think how the relationship between dogs and humans has evolved. While we love and treasure our best furry pals, no matter their role in our lives, we can’t help but think of those dogs that need our help.

Rescue Dogs Rescue Us

There are so many good boys and good girls out there who need good homes or may need special medical care or even special training to do their job. Since money sadly doesn’t grow on trees, these animal rescues need donations to keep their doors open.

Numerous charities help homeless pets. While we would love to mention every single charity out there that helps our precious friends, this article can only be so long. Take a look at our list of dog rescues, but keep in mind that there are a ton of other non-profit organizations that are best in show.

Check out our recommendations for fantastic rescue groups helping rescue animals find their forever homes.

Best Friends Animal Society

Here at PAWZ, we partner with Best Friends Animal Society to help all dogs find loving human family members.

Part of every purchase you make goes to Best Friends Animal Society to aid in their fundraising efforts. With our unique, dog-themed apparel, we put the “fun” in “fundraising.”

Best Friends runs lifesaving community programs to make every shelter a no-kill shelter across the country. Best Friends also implements different programs that aid in animal welfare, like foster care programs and spay & neuter services. Best Friends also works to bring about change in communities with their professional advocacy team devoted to eliminating puppy mills and breed discrimination.

When shelters partner with Best Friends Animal Society, they can reduce the number of cats and dogs euthanized. While your purchases on PAWZ go towards Best Friends Animal Society, you can also make a monthly gift in various amounts directly to the organization.

Old Dog Haven

One of the most heartbreaking things is when a senior dog is surrendered by a family who can no longer care for them. Although we never know the reasons for surrender and cannot judge the situation, we still have a senior pup who may be confused and heartbroken by losing their home. This is where Old Dog Haven comes in.

Old Dog Haven is committed to the belief that all senior dogs should live peacefully in their final years as members of a caring family. Located in Western Washington, Old Dog Haven places senior dogs eight years of age and older in caring foster homes to live out their golden years. They provide veterinary care and love to elder pups.

A sad fact is that many senior dogs are unlikely to be adopted when placed in a shelter. All humans and pets deserve love, no matter what their age.

Old Dog Haven relies on donations to keep their operations going. Even if you do not live in the Washington area, or if you can’t house a senior dog at this time, you can help by sending forever postage stamps, sponsoring a dog, or providing flea or tick medication.

Puppies Behind Bars

Puppies Behind Bars is a wonderful charity that brings joy to so many lives. This organization trains incarcerated people to raise service dogs for wounded war veterans and first responders.

This charity has a two-fold impact: Incarcerated individuals get the companionship of a dog during their sentence, and service members are gifted with an animal to help them get their life back. That’s not all — there is even a special training program that helps to raise explosive-detection canines for law enforcement.

Service members and first responders then receive their dog, who has been lovingly raised and trained to help their handlers with their needs. It’s incredible how dogs can bring joy and hope to so many people. Puppies Behind Bars recognizes this and has created a program that can help so many in one fell swoop.

If you live in or around New York City, you can personally volunteer to help with the organization by assisting with being a “puppy sitter” for several correctional facilities in the area. Monetary donations are always welcome, and there are several methods of helping Puppies Behind Bars receive funding.

Friends of Retired Greyhounds

Greyhounds are known for their fast speeds, and this was turned into a gambling enterprise of greyhound race tracks across the country. Legislation, wavering interest in this type of gambling, and increased animal welfare concerns have caused all but four greyhound tracks in the entire United States to cease operations.

Tracks in Arkansas and Iowa will sunset by the end of 2022. At this point, the only state left racing Greyhounds will be West Virginia.

Greyhound racing was a prolific gambling operation, and now almost all tracks have closed their doors. With most Greyhounds no longer racing and essentially retired, they must find new homes. This is where Friends of Retired Greyhounds comes in.

This non-profit, all-volunteer organization places retired Greyhounds in loving homes to live out their retirement days. The organization ensures that veterinary needs are met before placing them in homes and provides education about Greyhounds and their history as working dogs.

From Race Tracks to Loving Homes

Friends of Retired Greyhounds ensures that they place Greyhounds in suitable homes that can provide a good life for these former athletes. While some people are looking for a furever Grey that they can spoil and give a home to, others may be looking to help volunteer with the program without the commitment of adopting a dog for life.

Friends of Retired Greyhounds also runs a foster program that helps Greyhounds get used to a life relaxing on the couch. Since these racing Greyhounds don’t have the same life as a typical at-home pet, fosters make that transition a smooth one by teaching Greyhounds the basics of being an at-home pet.

If being a foster parent or adopting a retired Greyhound isn’t quite in your plans, you can make a monetary donation to the organization. Donations help to feed, house, and provide veterinary care for the retired Greyhounds.

Your Local Shelter or Animal Sanctuary

Although these animal charities provide wonderful care for dogs in need, one of the best places you can volunteer and donate to is your local animal shelter. Local animal shelters are commonly overcrowded and understaffed.

Volunteering and making donations to your local animal shelter ensures that your funds stay in your community and you are directly impacting your area.

Depending on your shelter's needs, you may be able to help by feeding animals, playing and taking them on walks, and even fostering them when the shelter is too full. You are also a great walking advertisement, as you know firsthand the adorable companions-to-be for those looking for a new family pet. You might be able to help with adoption events, running the adoption center’s social media, or helping with fundraising galas.

Who knows, if you are anything like us, you may end up with a few new sets of paws at your home!

PAWZ - Save All the Dogs!

Don’t forget that whenever you make a purchase on PAWZ, a portion of our profits go back into helping dogs find loving and safe furever homes. This is a total win-win for you, as you get to look cute in our dog-centric apparel, and you also know that you are helping the pups.

We even have an entire collection devoted to Best Friends Animal Society. Share in our vision and help us reach more dogs in need while looking great in one of our exclusive designs. You’ll be aiding in our efforts of partnering with Best Friends while looking stylish at the same time.

Stay Pawzitive & Save Them All!


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