5 Things Your Dog Wants You to Know

 We all wish we could know exactly what our dog is thinking or what they are trying to say. Understanding is key when it comes to having a pet. However, understanding your pet can be a little tough sometimes. If only they could speak our language! Below are five points that your dog wants you to know to better understand them.

1. Your Dog is Unique and Individual

  Your dog may be a Beagle, Pitbull, or an array of different breeds. Each breed has certain characteristics that will carry from one dog to another. However, each dog is different. Your dog may be a breed that is known to be social, but your dog is shy. Understanding that your dog is an individual is a big part in strengthening your relationship with your dog. If you have concerns with your dog, you may want to consider meeting with a professional trainer to get some tips.

2. They Know How You Feel

  Body language and tone are two of the biggest indicators to dogs. If you have a bad day at work and you carry that home with you, you may notice that your dog is avoiding you or trying to comfort you. If you're happy, your dog will probably be wagging his tail along with you! Tone of voice is extremely important when it comes to dogs; especially when training. If you use a happy voice and show that you are excited when they do something right, they are more likely to repeat the action. 

3. They Know When You're Late 

  Dogs can't read a clock, but they do know when dinnertime is. Dogs are very routine animals and can tell when the routine is off. Whether you're late getting home from a day out or you slept past your alarm, you are probably going to be greeted by an excited, but anxious, dog. Routine is another big part of training your pet. Routines help solidify training, since dogs don't have a great memory. Practice and repetition make perfection!

4. If Your Dog is Rambunctious, They are Not a Bad Dog  

  If your dog is always chewing your things up or getting into trouble, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are a bad dog. Getting into trouble could simply mean they aren't getting enough exercise. Dogs are high energy animals that need an outlet to expend energy. If you notice your dog is getting into more trouble than usual, try taking them for a longer walk or take them to the dog park to play with friends. If you notice that your dog is always chewing your things when you leave, they may be anxious. Try buying them a treat puzzle toy to occupy their time.

5. They Do Love You

  Dogs are pack animals and have a desire to be a part of your family. They have to a desire to always make you happy and make you feel better. When you come home and your dog is extremely excited to see you, they are showing that they love you. Just like when they sleep in your bedroom or on your bed at night, they are protecting you. Dogs protect what's important to them, which is most often their human. 

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